In the best of ways, we had a revolving door of riders join us over the years. The list below includes the core group that regularly rode together and kept the FFTA idea moving forward.

Ian Chu

Place of birth Taipei City, Taiwan

Started biking Six years old on my neighbor's bike. Thanks to his help, I crashed a lot while learing to ride. Started mountain biking seriously when I was 19 and became a radical rider after watching the Kranked videos. Since then, I've never gone back to on-road riding.

Best riding experience On road trip with my girl in Hualien.

Favorite trail Neng-Gao West Line with an amazing high altitude view

Currently riding Freeride: Kona Stinky 2000, XC: Giant XCX DS-1, Trials: Flightwheel 20”.

Usual trail snack Snickers, 7-Eleven rice ball.

Comments Joy and contentment fill my heart when I ride on my lovely bike. Tackling each drop gives me strength. I can't image life without biking. Please ride your bike and experience the world from another point of view.

Dennis Flood

Place of birth Canada

Started biking Around my neighbourhood on a little blue tricycle in the late seventies. Started mountain biking in 1997 with a bike I won in a bar.

Best riding experience The FFTA's daring assault of the HeHuan Shan to Hualien ride and biking Bali's Bukit, both in 2001.

Favorite trail Ski Lift, Backyard, Maokong

Currently riding 1999 Bontrager Privateer

Usual trail snack Energy In, Clif/Power Bar

Comments Nothing can compare to tropical heat and humidity, sweating out more water than your Camelbak can carry, temples, bamboo farms and poor Chinese language skills ... all on a bike.

Christopher Hess

Place of birth Australia

Started biking Same time I started swimming - I can't remember.

Best riding experience Kenting trip - despite the heat and pain, a great trip with good friends.

Favorite trail Wulai #2 in spring

Currently riding Santa Cruz Bullit, GT Zaskar

Usual trail snack Pringles, Energy In (or some Australian alternative)

Comments Professional teachers, photographers, economists, architects, IT whiz kids - all united through the mountains of Taiwan and bikes.

John McHale

Place of birth New Zealand

Started biking NZ, 3 years old (does tricycling count?)

Best riding experience Ski Lift during the early evening.

Favorite trail Ski Lift, Gas Plant, Backyard, Peitou ... actually, they're all good.

Currently riding Off-road: Xtension frame with six inches in the front and rear plus 2.3 inch Contential Vertical Pro tyres (FFTA Approved Secret Weapon); On-road: Chromoly frame with scavenged other bits and slicks; Inner-city: Merida 710, a short range pavement cruiser complete with shopping basket.

Usual trail snack Other people's muesli bars.

Comments Even if it's the only reason you're here ... it's enough!

Patrick O'Leary

Place of birth Kona, Hawaii

Started biking 1977, on a Raleigh chopper

Best riding experience First ascent/descent of LaLa Shan with the boys. An epic two-day adventure that sits high in my memories.

Favorite trail Ski Lift, Backyard

Currently riding Azonic Saber Extension, Voodoo Steel Hardtail

Usual trail snack Energy In

Comments You need to buy a bike bag, cause $100 NT rides up Ski-Lift are a thing of the past.

Quinton Pullinger

Place of birth St. Mary's, Springs, Gauteng, South Africa

Started biking Don't remember ... most of my life. Did the BMX thing, then road biking and finally came to my senses and started mountain biking at about 17 and did it until I broke the bike (they weren't very strong those years.) I gave up biking, developed alcoholic tendencies in college, but after arriving in Taiwan I needed exercise and could afford a decent bike, so I joined the FFTA rides.

Best riding experience The time my front forks came off my Western Flyer Mean Machine just as I was jumping a ledge - painful but memorable. It had nothing to do with a ten year old trying to be a mechanic.

Favorite trail In Taipei the Ski Lift. But in Shuei-Pa National Park near Hsinchu there was a trail only rideable downhill but the carry and walk up was well worth it. Only did it once because it is not easy to find or get to - a little bit of luck was involved in spotting this trail.

Currently riding Giant NRS XTC , GT Avalanche 3.0 and TANK Team Race XC.

Usual trail snack Patrick's Granola Bars or something from 7-11.

Comments Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. (Steven Wright)

Geoff Quirk

Place of birth Manly, Australia

Started biking As a kid in Oz.

Best riding experience Anytime I'm riding my bike.

Favorite trail Backyard

Currently riding Azonic Saber Extension, backdoor special Taiwan steel hardtail.

Usual trail snack Portable pancakes.

Comments Coming thru ... and ... have you talked to Patrick yet?

Stephen Wilde

Place of birth Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada

Started biking On my dirt driveway in '73 with my baby blue hard rubber tired co-op special I bought with bottle money.

Best riding experience Venturing solo out into the wilderness of far northern B.C. near Dease Lake in search of single track. Riding old hunting trails that had previously seen nothing but mule's hooves and would probably never see anything but hooves after me. Coming through a clearing to discover an old trapper's cabin still stocked with Spam.

Favorite trail #4 Maokong for the lactic acid road-ride burn. #3 Gas Plant for an inner-city technical quicky. #2 Ski Lift for the half-day pass of flowing speed. #1 The Backyard for the ultimate cleanse of the brain. A climb or two to clean out the pores. A hike in the jungle to fill lungs with deprived oxygen. Steeps with snotty rocks to remind you of your mother telling you to wipe your nose

Currently riding An old hard tail with a cracked frame that refuses to die despite the abuse I feed it. Nonetheless ... grateful for it because it was free.

Usual trail snack I used to have Pringles in my Camelbak but I got sick of them. Now I always have a trusty squished Snickers, and a Japanese Joe Weider Energy In to keep me from bonking.

Comments I wouldn't still be in Taiwan if it weren't for Team FFTA. See ya Saturday.